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Detox Treatment for 99 pesos!

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Steps for GCash Number Payment

Gcash 1.jpg

Step 1

Go to your GCash app and click

Send Money


Step 4

Confirm the amount and then on the notes, kindly include your name and contact number


Step 2

Click the express send


Step 5

Download the receipt and then click the proof of payment button below


Step 3

Enter our GCash number which is 09777546822 and the amount which is 99 pesos


Steps for GCash QR Code Payment


Step 1

Take a screenshot of this QR Code

Group 1.jpg

Step 4

Enter the amount which is

99 pesos and click next

Step 2.jpg

Step 2

Open the GCash app on your phone and click the Pay QR option.

Step 4.jpg

Step 5

Select where the payment will

be deducted and click Pay.


Step 3

Select Upload QR Code then select the screenshot of the QR code on your phone gallery

Group 2.jpg

Step 6

After the transaction, download the receipt on your gallery and then click the button below to upload the proof of payment

Proof of Payment

For proof of payment confirmation, please fill the following details below to receive the details on your email.

Upload File

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