The Iconeck is a unique device aimed to reverse signs of aging in the décolleté area. The device incorporates high speed massage, light therapy and heat technology to target loose and sagging skin in the neck and shoulder area to eliminate fine lines and promote the firming and tightening of the skin. The product can be used in conjunction with other skincare products to achieve the best results. 


The device works by using smart vibration to target loose and sagging skin, LED therapy for the promotion of skin cell turnover as well as preventing the signs of aging and heat technology to melt away any excess or unwanted fat around the neck and shoulder area.


The device has three LED features that help in achieving firmer and smoother skin around the neck and shoulder area. 

  • Red Light - This light stimulates the production of collagen which gives the skin a firm and youthful appearance. The device also allows for deeper penetration of skincare products to the skin, helps improve blood circulation, wrinkles and regenerates cell connections.

  • Blue Light - This light helps target bacterial sources which are the main cause of acne. The light promotes the production of oxygen radicals which rids the skin of bacteria without harming the skin. 

  • Green Light - This light helps in the reduction of inflammation and hyperpigmentation. This light helps cool the skin which aids in the improvement of the skin tone.