LED Light Technology

LED lights have been used for years to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling but it wasn't until 1998 that it was used for removing fat toxins from the body. It is said the concentrated wavelengths of natural LED lights emit penetrate as deep as 10 millimetres where it reduces oxidative stress and stimulates cellular energy production. It is also said that LED lights also affects adipocytes cells that store fat causing lipids to be dispersed and washed away from the body.

EMS Technology

Widely revered for aiding in muscle re-education and the treatment of a number of muscle disorders (muscle atrophy, osteoarthritis and pressure sore prevention), this technology makes use of low-level electrical currents to stimulate muscles and forces them to contract which makes it perfect for slimming and sculpting areas of the body.

Radio Frequency

A revolutionary skin treatment created in 2001 as a non-surgical alternative to tighten the skin. An amount of 450 kilohertz of radio frequency is emitted to the skin heating the skin’s deep layers to induce new collagen and elastin making the skin firmer, thicker and youthful-looking.

Ultrasonic Cavitation technology

This technology makes use of noninvasive machines target specific body areas with low-frequency sound waves and, in some cases, light suction. This process heats and vibrates the layer of fat cells below the skin's surface. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to liquefy and release their contents into the bloodstream.

Galvanic Ion technology

This technology uses medium-amperage direct current to stimulate the skin cells, soften the skin, and drive nutrition from skin care products deep into the layers of your skin. This is done to improve the hydration levels and blood circulation to the face, thereby making it more radiant.

Hot and Cold technology

This technology uses consistent temperatures that not only open or shrink pores but also provides comfort and relaxation for the skin. Continued use of this technology has been proven to improve the blood circulation on the skin, strengthen collagen fibres making the skin firm and relieves the skin of inflammation and swelling.

Micro Vibration

This technology makes use of various levels of vibration to either remove deep-seated dirt found in pores, introduce nutrition from skin care deeper into the skin or massage the skin to alleviate stiffness.